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Domain transfers

Transferring a UK domain name

Transferring a domain name means changing the ownership from one person to another. Domain transfers are administered by Nominet who maintain the register of .uk domain names.

In the past, domain transfers were paper based but now all transfers are done online via the Nominet systems.

A domain transfer is initiated by the current owner or Registrant. They will use the Nominet online system to send the new domain owner an email to start the process. The email will contain a link to Nominet’s online system which remains active for 5 days.

Nominet currently charge £10 +VAT for domain transfers and this is normally paid by the new domain owner. Payment is taken online via the Nominet system.

Domain transfer process

Current owner or registrant

The Registrant will need to log into their online account with Nominet and select the domain to be transferred. They can then add the new Registrants email address and select who is to pay the transfer fee before initiating the transfer.

New owner or registrant

The new owner will receive an email from Nominet with a link. Follow the link and carefully enter the new owner details including the Registrar TAG. Pay the Nominet fee online to complete the process.

The new Registrant needs to set up the new domain with a domain Registrar such as 123-REG or Heart Internet so they may accept the transfer onto their systems. Each Registrar has their own unique Registrar TAG and this must be entered correctly onto the Nominet system as above.

Once complete, the new domain will be registered to the new owner and will appear in their domain control panel. Nominet will automatically update the online WHOIS information.