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Domain Name Speculation

Domain name speculation is the activity of purchasing expired or running domain names with the sole intention of retaining them, until a suitable time when speculators can sell them at exorbitantly higher market prices.

Expired domain speculation is becoming more popular and famous because of its because of the possibility of high returns. It is risky and uncertain nature, but people still wish to pursue the activity with all interest.

Expired domain speculation is similar to speculating in stock market and general commodities. In expired domain market, people are likely to speculate on almost all expired domains. Domain name speculation works well only in the short term run mostly, and excessive speculation could lead to negative and counter-productive consequences. Many a times expired domain traders do overestimate and exaggerate the real value of domains based on their appraisal or evaluation reports.

There was a time when it was risk free to invest in domain name speculation (the .com period), but like every thing that has a beginning, it had an end. But recently it’s picking up. And you can partake in it. At times, a number of entrepreneurs made huge amount of money by correctly speculating on domain names, both expired and non-expired. Domain name speculation is absolutely legal and you can safely carry out this type of business activity without any legal entanglements.

On the other hand, domain squatting is an unethical and unfair form of business, where a cyber squatter illegal sells registered domain names. This is a type of business that is highly discouraged and may get you into trouble.

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5 Reasons Why You Might Get Addicted to Buying Domain Names

Don’t get addicted to buying domain names. I am addicted to it. Here’s why buying domain names can be addicting.

1) High perceived value. It only costs $8 to buy a DotCom domain name. Wow $8 for a potential million dollar a year website? Awesome I’ll have 20.

Often times you get so wrapped up in an idea for a website in your mind that you lose signs of reality. You think that the business idea is so good that you better lock the domain right now.

2) Sense of Urgency, what if someone else takes it? A domain is meant to be unique. That means only one person can have a particular domain name at a certain time.

That means that if someone takes your domain name that you’ve been eyeing for months, you are screwed. This with the fact that it only cost $8 for a domain, makes you think it’s better to lock this domain name right now.

3) Plurals and misspellings. Man, if you get you need to get too right? What if someone takes ? Half your potential traffic would go to them.

For any given domain, you can come up with many plurals and misspellings. For example You can imagine people typing in, or or, so Google should grab them all right? Wait I think they did…

The potential for misspellings and plural domain names, along with it’s inexpensiveness makes you want to grab those as well.

4) .Net, .Org, .Info… man… if my site is, shouldn’t I grab as well? What if a competitor of mine grab

Like the plurals and misspellings. You will often get paranoid about other people grabbing .org, .net, .info, .us version for your domain. You often feel that since it’s so cheap, you should get those as well.

5) Keyword research can find you good domains. If you know about keyword researching, you know that it could give you ideas for phrases you haven’t even thought of. Now for SEO you could by up those domain names and achieve better ranking.

All of these domain names adds up. I bought $200 worth of domain names in one sitting before. I didn’t end up using any of them. Beware!

My advice is buy 1 domain name a day. That’s it, if you feel the need you can get the others another day. Build up your domain first, before you worry about competitors etc. Stop being so paranoid.

Although on second thought, someone did grab so maybe you should be paranoid…

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Your Domain Name Describes Your Internet Business

When deciding on a domain name for your online presence, there are a few important things to consider. Having the right domain name will present your business to the world in a way that is positive and enhance all of your other branding efforts. It needs to be clever and easy to remember so your customer can find you. More importantly, you need to keep in mind that for your website to get noticed by new customers it needs to attract the interest of the search engines, and there are a few key ways to do this.

Initially, you should try and find a name that describes your business clearly and is reasonably short and easy to remember. The single, easiest way to get a better result with most search engines is by having a good descriptor about your site in the name. Even though you can apply a lot of other techniques to improve your SEO within the content, this one factor is amazingly powerful. Be careful to not go overboard and pack too many words into the domain name for your business, remember to keep it short. Even though this is a sure-fire way of improving your rankings, it can get annoying. Nobody likes to remember “” if they can more easily find “”. The challenge is that the web has been around for a while, so most of the domains are already spoken for, creativity is key. The good thing about packing these terms into your actual domain name is that the search engines love this. Just having these terms in the name will really help you get higher in the searches than someone that embeds keywords in their pages.

Try and avoid using dashes, numbers and special characters in your choice as these can be easy to forget for your users and you will probably end up sending them to another site if they enter your address without them. It’s also a good idea to avoid clever spellings for your name such as “dogz” or “catz” as this can confuse your visitors. The whole point of having a website is making it easy for folks to find it. It may be tempting to tweak the word since many of the conventional spellings may be taken, but it can backfire on you.

Avoid any terms that may be trademarked. Even words that are derivative of a trademark can get you in trouble these days, so be careful when you settle on a name and make sure you’re not trespassing on any protected terms. In the early days of the web, any name you could grab was fine, since a lot of the established trademark law wasn’t easily applied to this new medium called the internet. In the years since, the web has become a hotbed of activity for trademark protection and will be enforced, so be careful.

The real trick when picking your name is to be flexible and remember that you are trying to settle on a name that reflects your business name or your type of business. If your business name is Supreme Paints, don’t worry so much about trying to secure a domain that fits your name into the URL. Even though this is a good way for your current customers to remember your address, it does very little to drive new customers to your site. Picking a domain name that expands on the concept of paint, would serve you better. Remember that once a visitor hits your site, you can brand it any way you want. So for example, if a customer finds you as “”, you can easily brand your homepage they land on as Supreme Paints so they know who you are. If you are having a problem finding a name that suits your business, most domain registrars have a great search feature to show the names that are available for either a name you want, or terms you want. Even though it would be great to have your name in the “.com” domain, be sure to search the other domains as well. In today’s internet, “” is almost as good as “”.

Picking the perfect domain name is a very important step in helping your business to expand on the web. Following the suggestions outlined can help you pick a good one that will drive traffic to your site and flood you with new visitors. Keep in mind that the name you pick is really the gateway these customers will use to find and buy from your site.

Follow these suggestions:

– Keep it short and easy to remember and avoid trademarks
– Use key terms that apply to your core business to help with search
– Avoid dashes, numbers, special characters, and odd spellings
– Use the domain registrars search function to suggest names

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How to Choose the Right Domain Name For Your Internet Home Business

If you are researching the many benefits of having a Internet home business to start earning extra retirement income hopefully you understand the value of owning your domain name versus using a free domain name service.

Choosing the correct domain name is the first and a vital part of succeeding with a Internet home business. It can also be a confusing and daunting task if you are unsure of how to proceed. There are a few basic approaches you can use to help determine the best domain name for your particular situation.

Using keywords in your domain name is a popular and easy way to get quickly recognized by the search engines and traffic to your site. Once you determine what the focus of your Internet home business will be choose one or two keywords that customers search to find your product.

One easy method to search for keyword ideas is by using Google Adwords. This allows you to enter a keyword and then get results of how many searches per month for that phrase along with different variations of the phrase.

Chances are that the particular keyword you choose will have a very high amount of searches each month but more than likely someone is already using it for a domain name. With this tool you will get many variations and eventually you should be able to find one that works for you.

Using your name or your company name as your domain name. Many people will choose to brand there name and drive traffic to their site that way.

Think of eBay, or Amazon or even Google. There are no keywords in those domain names and nothing to tell you what service they provide. However virtually everyone knows those company names and what service they provide. By constantly branding their name people automatically go to these sites without even searching other sites.

Of course the chances of ever achieving this type of brand recognition is not very feasible however with the proper amount of marketing simply using your name as the web site address can bring substantial traffic.

This method usually takes longer to start bringing traffic but over time the quality of traffic can be better.

Instead of searching by a particular keyword customers begin to search for your name. This usually mean that you have begun to make a presence on the web and people trust your opinion. If they trust your opinion chances are they will purchase from you .

Regardless of what method you choose remember that simply having have good domain name will not guarantee success with a Internet home business. There is still much work that needs to be done but your domain name is key to start earning extra retirement income.

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What to Do If Your Favorite Domain Name Has Already Been Taken

The first thing you can try is to buy the domain name off of the person who presently owns it. This is not uncommon but it will cost you significantly more to buy an existing domain name than it would if you were to create one that no one currently has. However, asking if the domain is for sale from the current owner is one option you can explore.

Many people get caught up in using .com and have the impression that it is the only domain name available. This is not the case and you can try other domains such as .net, .tv, or even .org to see if you can still get the web address that you want. Of course the danger in using this route is that it can confuse customers and potentially cause problems with getting traffic to your website. The way to combat that is to make sure your website is optimized for exposure so that people will find your site when they search for it.

Sometimes patience is the best method to getting what you want and that may be the case with getting the web address you want. Check with the company that registered the domain name to the current owner and then see when their registration expires. Many registration companies allow you to put in a back order which means that if the current owner decides to not update their registration, or forgets to, then you will be able to purchase the domain name.

Another method you can try is to use a slight variation of the name you wanted and see if that variation is available. For example, if you wanted to register ABCcompany(dot)com but someone else has already registered it, then try TheABCcompany(dot)com or some other variation on the web address. The potential for confusion is there again but with a proper search engine optimization approach, you can eliminate much of the confusion that your address could cause any potential customers.

And for the absolute best solution of what you should do if your favorite domain name is already taken, and what to do after you get that perfect web address, go to

By Jean Kadau – Professional Business Reviews, Internet Marketer, Proofreader/Editor for 19 years

How to Pick the Right Domain Name

So you have your business idea and now you want to put this idea into motion by setting up your own website as a way of selling products or services. Your next step however involves a lot more thought and effort than many people realise; I am of course talking about choosing your domain name.

If you were to ask any Internet marketer what their domain name means to them they will automatically and always tell you that it is their company’s identity. It tells an Internet surfer everything that they need to know about your company; including who you are, what you do and what products or services you have to offer.

The choices that you make when it comes to your domain name can severely affect whether or not you are a success or a failure when it comes to your Internet business venture. It is a choice that you should do your research into and one that shouldn’t be made lightly. The reason that I say this is down to the fact that all of the choices you make when it comes to it will affect your ranking within the search engines, your popularity and the amount of visitors that your website receives. Remember it is the first thing about your business that most people will see so it needs to make an impression if you want any hope of getting people to stay on your website.

There are certain things that you should keep in mind when you are choosing the name for your website such as the following:
Unique – make sure that it is unique; there’s no point in having a name that is very similar to another one. This is why it is so important that you do your research so that you don’t fall into this mistake.
Brand – it represents who you are to your entire market as well as demonstrating what you hope to achieve as a company, so you need to ensure that it reflects this.
Length – Both short and long have their benefits. The reason that I say this is due to the fact short names are easy to remember but a long name will enable you to incorporate SEO and explain your products/services in a better manner. The length of your domain name comes down to what your website is about and what products or services you are selling.

A lot of the branding for your business comes directly from your sites name and allows you to immediately build trust with your users. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by using your product/service or your companies name within your websites name. So if you sold, for example cars, you should try and include the word cars within your sites name as it will more likely be picked up by the search engines.

So when you are choosing the perfect domain name for your website make sure you keep the above points in mind in order to drive more traffic to your website and to help make your online venture a success.

Lisa Mills is an author based in Essex. She writes for websites and magazines. She also runs a website offering toys and gifts for children. is a site offering children’s gift ideas.

How to Make Money Online Flipping Domains

In these tough economic times, many folks are finding themselves out of a job and struggling to find a new one. But online marketing has become a “go to” career for many folks these days. There are plenty of ways to make money on the Internet, and best of all you do not have to work for anyone else. You set your schedule, plan for your business, and execute your strategy. Flipping domains is one of the best ways to make a killing online. The concept is very similar to flipping in the real estate business. You buy a domain, create a website, make improvements, and sell it for profit.

If you have used Google to search for anything in the past few years, you probably have seen many sites and domains that are under-performing. Not everyone knows how to get the best out of their online assets. By becoming a domain flipper, you can take advantage of this trend to buy under-developed domains and renovate them to add to their values. You can then put it up for sale and earn passive income in the process.

One way to flip a domain is by creating a niche portal and drive traffic to it. Your goal should be to develop a website that is easy to use and provides solid information to your visitors. Once you start driving traffic to it and earn revenue from your domain you can sell it for 10-20 times what you are earning on a monthly basis. Not only that, you can also earn passive revenue from your domains while you are waiting for buyers.

A lot of domainers, park their domains and drive traffic to their parked domains. This approach is less time consuming but could lead to you earning less profit in the process. The more traffic you drive to your site, the more valuable it is to potential buyers.

Many buyers also pay attention to your domains PR ranking, which means link building should a part of your overall strategy.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn from flipping domains. It all comes down to how much traffic and revenue you receive from your site. The process can be time consuming at first but once you get a handle of it, you can repeat and keep earning money.

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5 Big Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Domain Name

So you have decided to go ahead and start your own business.  Let me be the first to congratulate you, but also let me be the first to warn you about jumping into choosing a name that is not a good fit for either you or the business you have chosen.

One very important thing to remember is that once you have registered your domain name and you have set up your website, started advertising and getting leads coming in… that stage of the game it’s already too late to make a domain name change very easily if you realize you have made a poor decision.  It would mean starting all over again.  So, let’s see how we can avoid that scenario.

Here are five mistakes that people often make when picking their domain:-
THE DOMAIN NAME HAS VERY LITTLE RELEVANCE TO YOUR BUSINESS.   This is a very serious mistake because when prospects reach your website and you are not providing them with the information they are expecting, then they are going to quickly leave your site, never to return again.  You want to choose a name that will immediately tell your prospect something about your business and what they can expect when they visit your website.

THEY DO NOT CHOOSE THEIR OWN PERSONAL NAME.  If you are interested in building a reputation for yourself on the internet, then it is a very good idea to purchase your own personal name as soon as possible.  You might not use it immediately, but if you do become very successful, you might find that someone else has purchased your name so that they can capitalize on your success.  I have actually seen this happen with a very famous internet marketer.  He was not able to get his personal name without adding a tag to it.

THEY CHOOSE DOMAINS THAT ARE CONFUSING.  You want your domain name to be easily understood.  If you are reciting the website address to someone over the phone, you want them to be able to write it down without you having to go over it a number of times for them.  For instance, if your site was ‘’ that could be confusing.  Some people might type in ‘’.  It is best to stay away from using numbers that could also be words.

THEY PUT DASHES IN BETWEEN THE WORDS IN THEIR DOMAIN NAME.  You want to choose a name that is easy to type.  If you are like me, you find typing in website addresses with dashes to be an annoyance.  You want people to be able to reach you easily and dashes just don’t cut it!

THEY DON’T CHOOSE A DOMAIN NAME WITH LASTING POWER.  You need to choose a domain that will serve you for the long haul.  There is no point in getting a ‘fad’ name that will lose it’s meaning in the near future.  This name is going to represent you and your business so choose one that you are going to be comfortable with for many years to come.

Well, there you have it.  Have fun brainstorming for your perfect domain name.  If you come up with a few that you just love and that are still available, I advise you to go ahead and get them.  You don’t have to do anything with them right now.  Many people have been very disappointed when they returned later to purchase a particular domain name, only to find that in the meantime it  had been taken.  Don’t be disappointed….grab that name, if it’s a good one.

Your domain name is like a snapshot of you….make sure it depicts you in a favourable light.

Jan Shimano was District Manager for Health & Welfare Canada for many years. She was also self-employed as a Nutritional Consultant and a Master Herbalist. She is currently a Business and Health Coach and operates her own internet marketing company from her home on Vancouver Island. Jan invites you to learn more about her at

It’s All in a Domain Name

When you have decided to start your online business the first thing you will need to do is choose a domain name. This is the name that your website will be called, and will be the most important part of your URL link. A lot of people enjoy the process of choosing a domain name, whilst others may feel a bit overwhelmed. This is understandable because your domain name is so important, and not something you can easily change if you do not like it anymore.

As I mentioned before, choosing a domain name can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily there are some basic guidelines that will help you make your decision. Firstly, remember that shorter domain names always work better. A shorter name will be more memorable, and if your domain name is too long the people may tend to forget a part of it. If they are really seeking your website, they may type the part of your domain name that they do remember into a search engine, but the results brought up may not point to your site! A short, simple domain name will be more effective with regards to your marketing, both on and offline.

Naturally, it’s a good idea to use your business name as your domain name. If your business name is too long, shorten it appropriately. If your business name is not available perhaps you could work with a variation of it by putting a dash in between two parts of the word. Alternatively, you could choose a domain name that suits the niche market that you are trying to target. Get creative with the different variations you can use. Always remember to keep the name as short and simple as possible. Another good idea is to use a targeted keyword as your domain name. For example, if you are going to have a business that sells chocolates and confectionaries you could perhaps use a domain name called chocolategoods or the like.

Once you have decided on the actual name part, you are going to need to decide on which domain extension you are going to use. The most popularly used domain extension is .com if you are aiming to target an international audience. Oftentimes .biz will be used by companies, whilst .net is normally for networking sites and some hosting or software companies. It is recommended that you steer clear of the .info extension, as even though it is the cheapest domain extension to register, it is not taken very seriously in the online world. If you are going to primarily target your local audience it is best to use the extension of your country. When in doubt, simply use .com. With a .com you can never go wrong! If you have an organization or political party a .org site is always nice and suitable.

As you can see, it is not too difficult to choose a domain name. A lot of good registration sites will offer you variations of your requested domain name if the one you have chosen is taken.

Christine Anderssen is the owner of Tailormade4you, a company that specialises in web design and hosting for your website. Visit for more information.

News from 123-reg: Domain name customers can now boost security with WHOIS

When a domain is registered, information such as names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers are viewable through the publicly searchable WHOIS database. Costing just £4.99 a year, WHOIS Privacy replaces this information with its own private details. This protects users against various threats, such as domain name renewal scams, as fraudsters don’t have access to information such as the domain expiry date from WHOIS.

Initially available for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name*, .me, .cc and .tv domains, individuals registering a .uk domain can also hide their details using the WHOIS opt-out option offered during the order process. Once purchased, the WHOIS Privacy function can be turned on and off as the user requires.

WHOIS Privacy can be ordered either during the order process of a new domain or through an existing domain’s 123-reg control panel. Users are allocated an email address so people with legitimate queries can still get in touch. Messages are then forwarded onto the user’s main email address. WHOIS Privacy adds to the other fraud-fighting features 123-reg currently offers such as auto-renewal and domain locking.

*Please note that you must wait 5 days after registering a .name domain before you can add WHOIS privacy.

About 123-reg

 123-reg, the UK´s number 1 registrar with over 1.9 million domain names, leads the market in both domain name registration and web hosting solutions.

With extensive experience of the industry, the company is able to offer high quality, technically-advanced yet cost-effective products to both businesses and consumers.

For further information, please visit

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