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Domain Names – The Doorway to a Successful Website

So, you have a great idea for a new website and are ready to begin this exciting new venture! Now — what Domain Name should you give to your site? This is a very important step. Selecting your Domain Name is one of the most important things you’ll do in building your site. 

Here are some suggestions that will help you in selecting your Domain Name:

First, select a Domain Name that relates to the subject matter of your site and is easy to remember. Try to think of something that catches the ear and is not too long.  Domain Names can be long – some up to 63 characters — but having such a long name definitely won’t help your site.

For example: if your Domain Name is:  “” –then how many people would actually be willing to type this long name into their browser?   I wouldn’t. Also, since your Domain Name is, in fact, your URL, many visitors to your site probably won’t be able to remember that long URL and you will then lose them as potential customers.

Another thing – remember that you’ll also be speaking your Domain Name on the telephone, so an easy-to-understand, short, descriptive name works best. You don’t want to have to repeat your Domain Name so that your callers can understand what you’re saying on the phone. Remember, you want them to retain your site name in their minds.

When you’re making your list of possible Domain Names, try each one out on family and friends. Ask them what they would expect to find on a site with that particular Domain Name. For example, if you’re selling sunglasses and include the word “shades” in your Domain Name, you certainly don’t want people to think you sell lampshades or window treatments.

Unfortunately, many of the shorter, catchy Domain Names have been taken and are no longer available, so you may have to be creative. Make sure you select a name that will give some information about your site to your visitors.

Finally, you’ll need to register your Domain Name. This makes it yours!
So, if you follow these suggestions, you’ll have a Domain Name that will give you a great start to your new web site!
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3 Quick Guidelines For Picking a Domain Name

1. Do not pick a name with hyphens, underscores or dashes.

People don’t know the difference between them. Furthermore, imagine you’re in the elevator with someone, trying to tell them your url (aka domain name) and you have to say “double u, double u, double u, dot the, hyphen, coffee, hyphen, guy, dot com” and not getting through. Your prospect is just not understanding if you mean “hyphen (-)” or “underscore (_)” or what the url is supposed to be.

It’s just too complicated. Get rid of the hyphens and just get a domain name without dashes, hyphens or underscores.

2. Pick something simple and straightforward.

Preferably, the name of your company, but if it’s not available, pick a name related to what you do. More info about this is in the next point.

3. Perform keyword research to pick out a domain name.

What am I talking about?

Keyword research basically means researching what words people are typing into the search engines to find content related to what you are talking about. Keyword research may be completely irrelevant if you are only interested in a personal blog, and don’t care about getting readers. If you care about getting some people to read your blog or visit your site, you may want to do some keyword research.

Here’s how to perform keyword research in a nutshell:

Go to Google and type in “keyword research tool” in the search bar. Click on the “Google Adwords Keyword Tool” or on the “word tracker” tool. Read the instructions on the website for how to execute the search.

For instance, using the Google tool, if I were to type in the keyword “running” and then search on that word, I get a list of several hundred running related words and phrases that people are typing into the Google search engine when they look up running related web sites.

From here, it can be as simple as going down the list of results and seeing which domain name, that is related to what I’m going to write about is available. You could also find some other words that you hadn’t thought about and then research them.

There are a lot more things to consider when picking a domain name, specially when it comes to performing keyword research, but these 3 things should get you going.

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How Do You Pick the Perfect Domain Name?

Picking the perfect domain name is very important in a crowded internet where it gets more and more difficult to get yourself noticed. Getting to the top or even into the major search engines is challenging and then there is the problem of establishing your brand. No wonder it is difficult to find that perfect domain name. So how do you?

First thing you need to ensure is that you do not contravene any trademarks. Luckily, domain names are very competitive and unless you go for a very long name you are unlikely to find a domain that is covered by a trademark. Many common names are also taken. What you must check is that you do not use a domain name that is close to another one. I once found “” available for example – tempting but I just contacted them. Buying this would have been a good way to get myself into a very big law suit. Buying an domain name with Realtors in it is likely to get you a very firm legal letter, as is “Easy”Something or “Monter” Something – although the ability to trademark a common word is a moot point! Best not to start your business fighting off lawyers though!

So start off by making a list of domain names that you would like to use. Make it quite a long list because good available domain names are hard to find. Use a bit of imagination and try and make the potential domain name catch and memorable.

Here are some “rules” to get the best domain name you can.

1) Try for a .com is you can.
2) Use two or more descriptive words in the domain name.
3) Don’t use hyphens or numbers unless you must.
4) Try for less than 20 letters.
5) Try for less than 3 words.

Now I know that names such as Google have become very successful but it is better for search engine ranking to use descriptive names. Currently search engines are giving ranking preference to web sites that have the search term all or partly in the domain name. Do a few searches on your chosen search terms and have a look at which domains are in the top 20. Remember what we said about copying though!

Go to a good registrar. Please do a few searches on the registrars first. There is at least one top registrar that got itself into a great deal of trouble in the last few years. Once at the registrar search through your list of preferred names. Good registrars will give you some suggestions if your domain is not available.

If you are not having much luck then do a few searches on sites that tell you which domains have “just dropped” – which is the name for domains that have just become available.

It’s hard work finding a good domain – but it sets up your business on the internet – so spend so time on it.

Good luck. © Copyright 2009 Biz Guru Ltd Lee Lister writes as The Biz Guru, for a number of web sites where she provides advice and assistance for the business entrepreneur. She is a published author – her latest book Start My New Party Selling Business can be found on

Domain Name Scams

If you are running a brick and mortar business at this age, you will feel like moving on to build a website that represents your company. Thus the next logical thing to do would be to have a company website. It seems like everyone in the world is having a website of his own, be it corporate or personal, so why not you?

In a blink of an eye, you have paid someone to build your website for you. Have your domain name registered and your hosting set up. Very soon, your site is listed on multiple trade leads and directories and business is pink and rosy.

So one day, you received an email telling you that there is another company that is interested in registering similar domain names to yours. The person contacting you pretends to be from a company that has certain authority on what’s going on in the cyberspace. Well, naturally if you are new to the online world, then falling for this person’s story is easy as ABC.

For example, this person told me that my competitor is buying up your company domains and internet trademark and they have discovered that I have already registered my domain earlier on, thus making me the rightful owner. The domains they offer are similar to the ones I own. Now they want to let me know that I can have the preference of registering them first unless I want to let my competitor register them.

Then they proceed to scare you with cases where how these people will masquerade behind your company domains and conduct fraudulent business activities. That is all believable but the real frauds are these guys who contacted you. They intend to sell you similar domain names for prices above the market value. Prices that is 10 or 20 times higher than what domain names really cost. Buying low and selling high cannot begin to describe the greed of these. Come to my site and you will see who these people are.

I believe that these fraudsters operate and capitalize on the ignorance of all who are new to the internet. It is recommended that you do your due diligence and compare prices from various sources no matter what you are buying. Checking prices are easier than ever when the internet is so easy to use these days. All you have to do is to search for the product you are buying and then compare from a few vendors.

If you do that, you will first have a bearing of the price on the item you want to buy before you actually contact the seller. This principle applies for everything you purchase from building materials all the way to the shoes you wear. Don’t pay more than what you are supposed to pay, that should be the way to do business and to manage your finances. After all, the money you saved can be used in other manners that can benefit your business further. So take care and do your homework well, you will not regret it.

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Investing in Domain Names

If you are thinking of investing in domain names it’s important that you understand your market. Top Level Domains or TLDs are growing by the day, some would say that this is a great way for certain bodies to make even more cash and some would say that it opens up the domain name market to people who missed the boat on coms.

Which ever way you look at it the release of new TLDs is going to happen on a regular basis over the coming years and one such TLD that has just released is .me.

One of the newly released TLDs, that is causing a lot of interest is the .me. There are of course several reasons as to why this particular TLD is causing so much interest and we can go through them one by one.

Firstly for all English speaking nations the word “me” is commonly used and understood, this gives the TLD an advantage over certain other TLD domain releases in the sense that it can become part of your domain name or brand, for instance: call me, date me…etc. This makes it easier to remember and in some cased to brand. Secondly, due to the fact that the domain extension has a very broad appeal it naturally lends itself to individual or personal web pages and blogs.

You can see this in action already in the tv extension that is widely being used and accepted by media companies around the world as a good domain name extension for television companies and online tv channels. The explosion in social networking sites and the move to personal connection web sites lends itself perfectly to the .me tld and I’m sure you will see one or two big players in the area within the next couple of years.

Also if you take into account how ISPs and web hosting providers are simplifying the web development process and supplying packages that can have you up and running in no time at all, they are removing the barriers to entry in the market everyday. Another interesting point about the .me extension is that it is totally open and anyone can register a domain name.

Another success story in the domain names area is the European extension eu. It was first released a couple of years ago and has since steadily crawled up the charts of the most popular extensions. At the last count it had reached 3 million registered domain names and is growing at a steady pace.

The two other areas that should be mentioned and I would suggest to study them well is India and China. Although to market for cn has been very closely control by the Chinese government up to now we are finally seeing a little relaxing in the controls. This can be seen in the rapid growth of registrations.

This is also thrue of India and their in CC. They are finally waking up to the value of their national CC. There are 2 billion people in these two markets, alone they dwarf the entire domain and is only a matter of time before most of the people in these countries are online.

Taking all of the above into consideration if you are thinking of starting your own web site, blog or even your own business, don’t overlook the possibilities of the .me extension.

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Simple Steps to Getting Cheap Domain Names

Whether you are into a big or small business enterprise, it does not matter when it comes to availing a domain name for your business’ web site. To register a domain name is one of the major steps in building a web site. This name is actually your main identification online. Once internet users see you web site address with your company name on it, then you must have grabbed yourself a good internet address. Most web site owners these days are particular with having their company’s name, niche or important keywords in their web site address. Yes, it is now possible to get cheap domain names since there are individuals or companies on the internet that sell these online addresses.

Do not fret because even if some names are cheap, they can still be professional and sophisticated. The tag price is not really a basis on how a domain name will fare online. Getting cheap but really good internet address is like hitting a jackpot as well. So, you may conclude that the best domain names are not exactly those that are highly-priced. However, you have to be careful when you search for cheap domain names for there could be people or companies that will mislead you. After web site owners get cheap domain names for their web pages, they can now focus on designing and developing their pages.

The designs should basically be based on the niche that you are into. Your web pages must be congruent to the products or services that you are promoting. Further, you also must keep in mind the preferences of your target customers and site visitors. For profitable domain names, you have to ensure that the name that you will register is easy to remember for internet users. It is important that people will get to remember your web site address better. So, go for easy to remember names. This will make it convenient for internet users and at the same time, you can also get more traffic when more people get to visit your page.

Another technique there is to have keyword-enriched but cheap domain names. Many online marketers believe that it is quite an advantage if you have your keywords included in your internet address. They think that having these keywords on your address can make search engines detect your web site quickly. However, this is a wrong theory. There is no guarantee that you will get better search engine rankings even if you stuff your address with keywords. There is even no assurance that people will flock your site. Thus, don’t easily believe what you read on the net or what you are told so especially when it is not really backed-up with a research or a study.

If you think you are not ready to choose your address online then you can get yourself a guide to choosing domain names. These kinds of resources will surely give you insights in choosing the best online address for your business. At the same time, you may also learn the other benefits like making money out of your address on the net. There are certain ways you can earn from these names actually but that’s a different issue. What’s more important now is that you learn how to get cheap domain names that will perfectly represent you and your business in cyberspace.

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How Do Domain Names Work?

The domain name system (DNS) works much like a telephone book, providing location and contact information for the names listed. The location of a website is a numeric IP address. An IP (IPv4) address consists of four octets such as, each number a possible value 0-255. When a domain name is entered in a browser the numeric location of a website is determined behind the scenes. Clearly a name like is much easier to remember than indeterminate sequences of numbers. Another advantage is that domain names are static, whereas the physical numeric address of a website may change.

How do I get a domain name?

The process of registering a domain name typically begins with a search to ascertain availability. Once a search has determined a domain name is not currently registered, one may acquire it through a registrar for a small fee, usually $10-$20 annually. Registering a domain name does not mean you have a website. Once a domain name has been registered its records may be modified to point to a website.

Other ways domain names are used

Many domain names are not associated with an actual website. Domain trading is a major industry similar to that of real estate investment. A domain trader may have hundreds, possibly thousands of registered domains listed on the market. A $10 registration fee for a new domain may sell for hundreds, even thousands of dollars making domain trading a lucrative and competitive business.

Cash parking is a method of generating revenue for a domain not in use. A cash parked domain is usually associated with relevant advertisements from which the owner shares in the generated click-through revenue. Each time an advertisement is clicked the advertiser pays a fee that is shared with the entities that directed traffic to the paying website.

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How to Choose a Great Domain Name

Most websites are associated with a domain name. The concept is simple, it is much easier to remember a name like rather than a numerical address like Highly desirable domains names are becoming more and more difficult to acquire, especially with favored extensions like .com and .net. With major industries like domain trading, traders are rapidly devouring desirable domain names.

Domain Extensions

Currently certain extensions are more desirable than others and some extensions are intended to categorize. For example, the .org extension is traditionally used to categorize non-profit organizations. Likewise a .gov extension is intended to categorize government websites. There are country extensions as well such as .ca (Canada) or .jp (Japan) in an attempt to organize registrations by nation.

Ideally a domain name should be short and not easily misspelled. Preferably, target top level domain (TLD) extensions from the original Internet specification such as .com, .net, .edu, or .org. Be sure the extension is appropriate to what the website is about. A .org extension may be appropriate for a church but not for a florist. For highly desirable domain names a .biz or other less popular extension may be a reasonable trade off. For example, would be much better than

For the general public .com is still the favored and most sought out extension. Being one of the original Internet specifications, this may still lead users to assume a .com extension. This may be true today but this may change in the future. As .biz and other extensions become more popular, users may become more apt to note extensions. The most important thing goes back to the basic principal of domain names, make it easy to remember.

Domain Naming

A domain name that specifically names a business may be ideal. However, specifics are becoming much more difficult to acquire. You may be doing business as Toms Hardware, but may discover all desirable domain names and extensions are all ready taken. Another option may be to pair a key word with a random word or even pair two random words. For example, (no affiliation) is an online photo service. Short, two words not easily misspelled, and a .com extension. While snap may be associated with a photo service the word fish doesn’t exactly fit in, except in the world of domain naming. Random pairing of this sort is becoming more difficult as well but offers a better chance of scoring a valuable domain name. Target desirable words, short, appealing, and not easily misspelled. For example, anhinga could easily be misspelled and would not be an ideal domain name unless the site was specifically about anhingas.

Domain Trading

As mentioned earlier, domain trading is a major industry. There are many domain auction sites where you may be able to acquire your preferred domain name. Domain trading sites offer thousands of domains for sale to be purchased directly or through an auction. Domain names are often appraised, trading sites may have a huge listing for under $1,000. More desirable domain names in the multi thousand dollar range. In rare cases a domain may sell for tens of thousands in U.S. dollars, and in very rare cases more than one million U.S. dollars. With registration fees for a new domain often less than $10 the domain trading market is growing very rapidly. If you have a very specific domain you wish to acquire you may be able to look up the current registrant in a “whois” database and make an offer.

Domain Searching

Be patient, take some time to do a thorough domain name search. Consider all the possible variants that may be appropriate. The challenge of finding a great domain may take many hours but could be well worth the effort. Remember the principal of domain names in the first place, making it easy for your audience to remember how to get to your site.

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Can You Really Earn Through Domain Parking?

I was browsing through the internet and found a success story of a Filipino earning large amounts of money through domain parking. And I was intrigued enough to actually research a little bit of this “Domain Parking”.

Well, most or some of you might ask what does domain parking mean?. Here is a description of domain parking by

Domain Parking is a simple way to earn money from your domains’ natural traffic. If you have registered domain names, but they are not currently being used, then domain parking is a great way to put those domains to work, earning you revenue. You can make money without even lifting a finger! The idle domain is used to display relevant advertisements -every time a consumer clicks on one of the advertisements, you earn money.

So yeah. Parked domains are domains that are usually not being used for websites, blogs, forums, etc. Domains that are being parked are usually not being used by the owner. By parking your unused domains, you can actually gain some income through the advertisements found in it rather than leave that domain unused and useless. But, there those who actually are making the most of this domain parking.

Domain parking is like real estate, domain names are like land properties bought for investments and in time those domains through traffic will increase in value where you could sell it or just leave it parked and earn from the traffic it generates through advertisements. But like land properties, in which you would have to pick the best location in which you think the value would increase the most, you also have to pick the best available domain name to park. Good examples domains that might attract traffic are, or Just imagine how many people would search through Google looking for cars and loans. How many of these people would simply type the word “loan” or “car” in the search bar? For sure if you own the domains and, your domains would be listed up high in Google’s search results.

Through websites that offers domain parking and gives you commissions for every click or purchase a visitor of your domain might do, and you get commissions out of it. Yes it works similar to Google AdSense. If you have a good domain name, you might want to give this a try. Unlike running a website or a blog, you don’t actually have to update anything. Just let the course of nature happen and you earn money out of it. The only thing you have to do is check your earnings every now and then. Now, isn’t that great? Only having to check you earnings? 10 minutes a day would do! Unlike having a website in which you have to spend hours updating your site so it wont get out of date.

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How to Choose a Domain Name

So you want to know what to look for when Choosing a Domain Name? Well there are many many factors that play a roll in choosing a domain name. The first thing you should look at is why you need or want a domain name. Business? Sell? Flip? Develop a website? These are just some of the things that a domain name can be used for.

Although knowing what you want a domain name for is a huge factor in choosing a domain name, there are some basic things you should look for.

Keywords: When choosing a domain name keywords are probably the most important thing. This will help you in the long run with SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and how the domain is advertised. Most common way to know if your keywords will work is called the radio test. This means that if the domain was said over the radio or on the phone ect would people know what to type in the browser?

Search Results: Search result are important when choosing a domain name because they will show you your competition for those specific keywords. Although not at the top of the list, it does help to know what type of sites are using the keywords in your domain name. Indicator of type-in traffic.

Wordtracker: Wordtracker is a tool that tells you how many times a keyword or group of keywords is searched for per day. When choosing a domain name this can be helpful to know and help you sell a domain in the future. It is almost like telling a person that a car can go from 0-60mph in under 5 seconds. This also shows potential for SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Indicator of type-in traffic.

Ad Competition/Bids: This shows you how many advertisers or competitors are bidding for that keyword to advertise on such sites as google or yahoo. This is also a selling point if you were looking to sell a domain name. It is also an indicator if there is type-in traffic.

These are all important factors that should be looked at when choosing a domain name. There are many more things to look at and ask yourself when you choose a domain name. Some of the questions you should ask yourself are, “What will i use this domain for?” “Who would want this domain?” “Is this the best option for this type of domain?”. Those types questions should be at the top of your list when you choose a domain name.

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